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Every day employers received several queries via email on various aspects. It is hard enough to solve every issue instantly. So, mycoles reach out to them. Mycoles can be handled by any user, even if the user has only basic knowledge in computer applications. Through simple and basic steps as per the portal instructions, one can reach the things they need, without wasting much time. A special thanks to IT engineers in the company to solve the enormous workload faced by employers every day. Moreover, Mycoles is ranked 1,098,991 in Australia ‘’ due to the popularity of mycoles, the portal from Coles Group. 

MyColes Support

People usually get confused and ask several questions about contacting mycoles. Here we have tried to clear out the problems of the people in the easiest way possible. Check the following information carefully; you may get the solution among them. We hope you can find the answer to your problem.

  1. Log in to the official website of Coles Group from your preferred search engine. 
  2. Fill the required details. Use your employee ID, Date of Birth, and password. 
  3. Finally, send an email ID and password. 
  4. Now you are successfully connected. 

MyColes Contact Details

Employees on MyColes, must have queries on several matters. However, you can solve the problem through the helpline.

For customer care services:

Call 1800 061 562.

On Mon-Fri  8.30 – 18.00 (AEST) ,

on Saturday 8.00- 16.30(AEST),

and on Sunday  10.00- 17.00(AEST)

For any kind of help, contact on

1300 692 653

For or any private query email via 

Head office number :

Call : +61 3 9829 3111

9 thoughts on “MyColes Support”

  1. Hi mycoles people website
    My name Scott Simpson l work for Coles Supermarket at T.T.Plaza & l am email you to see if l can look up my Tax Return from 19 to 24July 2020 so l can do my Tax Return?. Thankyou

  2. I am a Coles customer trying to log in to place an order. I live in Adelaide but I am not Scott. ??? Why am I getting this? I am trying to login but keep getting error. Quite a few times when logging in I get in with names like Alice or Michael showing as the logged in customer – not me, my name is Fran – with a trolley balance as if the order is still being placed. I then have to log out and try again and again. Coles needs to fix the system.

  3. Hi
    I’m trying to get an exemption letter from Coles so I can go to work.
    ACT is in a 7 day lockdown due to Covid19.
    Can someone please assist me in my request.
    I work casual at Belconnen store #779

  4. Hi ,i need to finish my onboarding recirtment infomatiom .
    But im lovked out of signing in to do so .
    Ive tried to get a user name but its been hard .
    I got my password.
    But its either one wont let me comtinue my work please desperately needing tour support .


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