Tell Coles Customer Survey

Tell Coles Customer Survey For big companies with large numbers of branches across the country, it becomes difficult for the owner to keep a record of the quality of services provided to the customers. Therefore an online survey was very much needed. To ensure the best quality services to the company the online survey has … Read more

Coles Promo Code

Coles has been one of the most popular supermarkets in Australia. It is managed by thousands of members and has its branches all across the country. It has its own online portal namely MyColes to provide the best interface to the customers and the workers. This portal has been designed nicely by the company keeping in mind the security of the users. Its access is quite convenient and easy for the customers giving it a five-star rating in the tough competition. 

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Coles Shopper Issue Warning 

Often Coles Group launches new products without any major problem. However, sometimes the workers may overlook the underlying problem and sell it without rectifying it.  After all, they are human and mistakes may be committed. One of such mistakes was reported recently against Coles Group about their product on social media. A Coles customer has issued a warning after a frightening experience with a recent purchase. 

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MyColes Help Desk

Being one of the busiest companies in the country it has a high base of customers and employees. For online shopping, customers do have a number of queries and it becomes difficult for the employees to solve all the problems of the customers at a time. Therefore it has become an immediate action for the company to set up a help desk for providing a jam-free and useful service to the customers. It’s very easy to communicate with the company regarding online shopping and services including home delivery. The steps to access the help desk are given below. 

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MyColes flybuys

Millions of customers have chosen Coles as their shopping partner in day to day life. The company in return also tries to provide extra benefits to the customers of Coles via Flybus. Flybus keeps a record of your shopping and provides you with coupons and it’s a software application by the Australian company namely Coles.

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