Mycoles login portal is powered by Coles group limited that provides online payslips information to the employees. The payslips data on Mycoles online portal is allowed to be accessed by registered employees.

The information provided on the portal is up to date and accurate, and it is very convenient. The payslips data is updated every first Friday of every month. The employees can easily log into the portal and get access to the payslips information online. You can log into the account and can instantly access the benefits such as checking your payroll data, employee schedule, tasks, and other related data on the portal


MyColes Login Guide

  • Log on to your device and enter in your internet browser, and you will land on the login page.
  • Next, you have to enter your username, which is present at the back of your employee card, and afterward secret phrase on separate fields.
  • Then click on the login button.


  • Now you will effectively be signed in.
  • If you have forgotten your login username, check it on the back of your Mycoles card. It is present there.
  • Once you enter all the details accurately, click the login button. You will see the option to investigate the available data.
  • If you have forgotten your Coles Employee ID or forgotten password, click on the forgot password option and recover it quickly.

MyColes Benefits and Uses

The association is very sensitive and professional in giving mycoles employee login. It’s designed to help you with great deals on health, finance, telecommunications, and leisure. Coles is continuously reviewing their benefits to get the best deals for their team. So whether you’re into travel, restaurants, movie tickets, or electronics, they are always going to have great discounts for you.

There are a lot of benefits of this that have changed the way the MyColes employees worked previously. We draw out a few points here in the drop-down list-

    • It has a very easy-to-use dynamic interface to work on. Coles has invested a lot in its development area.
    • This is an all-in-one solution that provides all the services to a ColesAssociate under one roof.
    • “Time is money”- Coles has upheld this motto to its associates by providing the advance work schedule section. The HR plans their day’s work by using this facility. The employees can even request a change in their schedule from HR as required. Undoubtedly impressive isn’t it!
    • There are educational resources for the employees. This section provides free training videos and a knowledge base for the associates.
    • has even got your health scheme included in it. Various insurance plans catering to critical illness, dental, disability, vision, and accidental death are available on this portal.
    • It provides hustle-free payment options. The associates can quickly redeem their commissions at the tap of a finger.
    • It comes with self-improvement resources that are easy to access. You’ll also be able to manage your Coles employee benefits. And lastly, it is possible to apply for jobs within the Web portal itself.

MyColes Registration

  1. Open your browser and type and wait for the page to load fully.
  2. Select your country from the options and preferred language.
  3. If you are accessing the page from your PC, you can see a sign-up button on the top right corner.
  4. Type your Coles Identification Number (WIN) number followed by DOB (date of birth) and Hire date.
  5. In case you don’t remember the Hire date, do talk with your manager.
  6. You have to solve the cache during login for proving that you are a human.
  7. Once all details filled in correctly, click on “Submit.”

How To Reset MyColes Username?

Have you lost your Coles Employee Username? Then follow these steps to retrieve the information-

    • Press on the reset username button, and you will land on the reset username page.
    • You have to enter “Employee ID” & “DOB” here.
    • Enter your original DOB in (yyyy-mm-dd) pattern and your Employee ID.
  • Solve the reCaptcha to prove that you’re not a robot and then click continue.
  • You will get about your username and other details on your email id.
  • If you don’t have an Employee ID, then you should contact the helpdesk number for their support.

How To Reset MyColes Password?

You can reset your password by these steps-

  • Click on the reset password button. It will redirect you to the main page.
  • Enter your username or email associated with your portal account.
  • Solve the reCaptcha to proceed further.
  • You will obtain a confirmation email that contains a link to reset your password. You can also manually change it by entering the confirmation code.

Coles Employee Benefits And Rewards

Parental leave for Employees

Whenever you are willing to spend some time with your family and friends in critical periods, you can have your parental leave. This a premium benefit offered to you by Coles, which you can get from the portal itself. Coles supports employee families to build income sources by providing 12 weeks of paid Parental Leave for the primary caregivers and one week of paid leave for all the secondary caregivers.

Paid Parental Leave is available to both the full-time and part-time team members with at least 12 months of continuous service. Even in the section of secondary care, you will be able to avail of your parental leave, but you need to be eligible for that service. Only the full-time employees who have worked for over one year will be paid leave.

Anytime and anywhere. Benefits.

It’s designed to offer you a lot of great deals on health, finance, telecommunications, and also leisure. They’re continually reviewing their benefit opportunities to get the best deals for their employees. So it does not matter if you’re into travel, restaurants, movie tickets or electronics, there’s going to be great discounts for you always! And it always gets better. If you work in their stores, you can plan your weekend anytime and anywhere, with access to all the rosters and payslips through mycoles portal!

Therefore all benefits will be swiftly available to you. If you are an employee at the Coles Supermarket chain in Australia whenever you are on a trip, or you want to buy movie tickets, you will be able to get the best possible discounts. It will not only give you a discount on the weekly grocery shopping. But there will be discounts also for other stores like Kmart, Target, and Officeworks.

Additional Benefits 

  • Coles has several future career opportunities as well as career-building programs, which is the first benefit that you will love. Hence even if you are a completely new employee, you will be able to get the career-growth opportunity without any doubts. You can turn out to be a valuable employee from being an apprentice within no time.
  • The second best thing is that you will be able to have a flexible working model with working hours as per your convenience and availability. They have a very flexible shifting working order. Because of this, you can choose the day or night shift at your convenience. Also, in addition to that, you are allowed to get payments every week. Hence, you will not have any financial issues at the month ends. You will get the rewards and recognition ass per your working abilities, and there will be no scope for dissatisfaction at all.
  • Talking about the third benefit, you will be glad to hear that the company help in getting other discounts at a lot of supermarkets stores like Target, Kmart, and office work in Australia. They also offer a discount card to their employees, which is fantastic because you can do your shopping. This saves a lot of your time and money. You can even get a discount on gym memberships as well as movie tickets and also theme park tickets.


Coles Supermarket Corporation has always been able to give the best reward to its employees. They also have programs to provide exclusive deals for all their employees. You always have a massive opportunity because you can also connect to them on social media. In this field, experience matters most, and the more experienced, the more benefits the MyColes company will offer you.

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  1. I can log into my coles, but can’t see payslips, hours etc, page just keeps refreshing, using brand new I pad, worked up until about two weeks ago…

  2. I can’t login to the my Coles page. A Microsoft error keeps coming up no matter what device or web provider I use. I’m not bad at computers but I’m completely lost sorry.

  3. I recently was employed by coles but every time I log in a Microsoft error pops up.
    I really need to access my account, please help

  4. Current Issue which seems to happening to everyone, Cannot access my coles, an error occurs an redirects me to Microsoft office but there are no links to resolve this.

    Error message:
    Request Id: cbcd5e9f-572d-4602-9d08-3a3b07d50000
    Correlation Id: 34b92ac0-78c6-4b71-9feb-5dc8325b1c13
    Timestamp: 2020-09-04T01:40:14Z
    Message: AADSTS51004: The user account C72F0534-D579-45C0-9528-FD75E8A951CD does not exist in the 82551a12-bbc8-4fed-8b7f-2b758284b5ea directory. To sign into this application, the account must be added to the directory.

    • My Coles sent me an email saying I was added to the directory, so this currently is contradicting what info I have. Is there currently a server issue going on?

  5. I have recently been employed by liquorland and have been given an employee id username and password. For days now i cant login to complete my online training that i have to do before i can start work. An error message keeps appearing saying SSPR 5021Your user account is not eligible for activation. please help.

  6. Same error, I have been trying to access for 6 days now.
    This is affecting me financially due to not being able to start work until the two modules are completed
    AADSTS51004: The user account A04F40C4-170E-415C-A16C-7EB89AC5FA02 does not exist in the 82551a12-bbc8-4fed-8b7f-2b758284b5ea directory. To sign into this application, the account must be added to the directory.
    Can this please be fixed???
    Every time I call IT I keep getting a different answer

  7. I can not access mycoles, I removed the saved site and reloaded. I have clicked forgot password, typed in my username, check the I am not a robot, click continue and I get an error message SSPR 5032. An error occurred while validating CAPTCHA response. I have tried on another computer also and get the same message. it also tells me if if repeatedly occur to contact the help desk

  8. Every time I attempt to reset my password the same error comes up:
    “SSPR 5032
    An error occurred while validating CAPTCHA response. Please close your browser and try again. If this error occurs repeatedly contact your help desk.”

  9. I can’t see my roster hour’s every time I log on I have to go to my hour’s but it keeps telling me to try again later this has been happening since the new mycoles went up ! it’s very frustrating

  10. Afternoon, I retired from Coles on Sunday 8/11 and I am trying to obtain my last timesheet. It appears that I can no longer log onto MyColes to obtain it. Can you please forward me a copy.


    Pam Moore
    Salamander Coles

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  12. Can’t login to my coles after changing and saving password the other day . Have tried over 6 times tonight and still can’t login

  13. Hello there… 🙂

    I just have a question. I am a web designer looking for new clients and I wanted to see if you are interested in redesigning your website or making some upgrades. I don’t want to sound like I’m “tooting my own horn” too much, but I can do some pretty amazing things, not only design-wise, but with adding features to your site that automate your business processes, or make your marketing phenomenally easier.

    I’d love to talk with you about some options if you’re interested, so please let me know if you would like to know more about what I can do. I’ll be happy to send some info and setup a call.

    Thank you so much for reading this!

    Tracy Edmunds

  14. Hello, My name is David Mcguirk.

    I cannot access mycoles. I am a past employee but I need to access payslips from 2016. This is an urgent matter, please help me.

  15. Many years ago I worked for Coles,I filled in an application intent on a preference too night fill in the Victoria Horsham store.since iv recently received an email about a position available, I’m keen to follow up. But I can’t log in,could you please assist.cant log in…..

  16. I have just completed my final day at Coles. Last night I received my final pay and I am not able to access my account to check the payslip as I believe the amount paid is untrue. I have been able to get in just a few times (once or twice from my many attempts) and if I have I even then was not able to see my payslips as my account was classed as inactive or locked. Can this please be remedied for me to check my payslips?

  17. I can not log on to myhub since it started.
    No access to my pay slips!!
    Tried IT ,my Bosses ,HR still no positive outcome.

    Wha is my next Step?

  18. I am Retired from Coles I am in the 25yrs Club can you please help me I have rang that many people and E Mail and still cant get anyone to help me I need a new staff discount card . Thank You

  19. getting an application error each time I try to submit my personal details to the success factors page.
    what should I do about it?

  20. I have been trying to access my payslips,it keeps telling me I need a password and code.once I have reached the mycoles page. I can see everything else,

  21. I am a coles retiree & I need to update my personal details.
    I don’t have an
    Employer Id or password, so I can log on at all!

  22. Hi, I need to consolidate my Rest Super into my chosen Super Fund. Can you please tell me where on MyColes I can do this? I have tried to get my manager to assist me but he hasn’t been able to resolve the matter. I don’t want to pay two sets of fees!

  23. Hi
    I’m trying to log into mycoles and comes up with invalid username.
    Can someone please help me , I’m using the same username that I always have.

  24. Payslips request. I have just resigned and wish to get a copy of my payslips however after 3 days I’m already locked out. please contact me so i can get this sorted.


  25. I am having some trouble logging in for the first time in mycoles as I do not know my username or password or might have forgotten it, and I do not own a mycoles card. neither do I know what my employee ID is or how to access it, if there is anything that I am missing or anyone that can assist me that would be wonderful. thanks

  26. Hi Can you please help me with my employee id as I left coles 2 years back and I have forgotten the same.

    I recently got an email for Coles Remediation and wanted to take the benefit.

    Thank you


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